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The Studio

We are a boutique Yoga Studio located at the stunning Noosa Marina. An amazing location to immerse yourself to watch the world go by. We represent all things Yoga and are proud of our ethos and mission. At Downward Dog Hot Yoga we offer a range of Yoga classes to suit all styles and abilities. Our teachers come from all walks of life and are here to nurture and guide you through your own personal yoga journey. Some of our classes will be gently warmed with infrared heat which naturally enhances the effects of your yoga practise - be prepared to detox, sweat and smile. To compliment the heated classes we offer plenty of cool classes, where you can concentrate on long-slow-deep stretching and find yourself drifting away to a blissful meditation. Our goal is to help you improve every aspect of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Infrared Technology

We use the latest technology in our infrared panels to make your hot yoga experience an unforgettable one. The body heats in a way that does not feel uncomfortable or unbearable. The body starts to cleanse, detoxify and sweat like never before!


Here's some of the amazing benefits of practicing in infrared heat:

  • Can help strengthen the immune system

  • Helps detoxify the body of heavy metals, pollutants, and other toxins

  • Can aid in weight loss and increase the metabolism

  • Reduces stress

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

  • Helps to repair tissue damage

  • Boosts circulation and increases oxygen levels

  • Can increase whole body flexibility and strengthen and tone muscles

  • Improves complexion and skin tone

  • Helps you to adjust to warmer climates, perfect for the Sunshine Coast!

Meet the Team 




I always enjoyed physical activity and was an active gym bunny and runner at the time that I took my first yoga class in 2008. From that moment on, I knew I had found something special and realised that none of my previous exercise regimes could provide me with the overall health benefits I gained through practising yoga. I found that the yoga not only helped me to physically condition my body but also helped to build strength and discipline in the mind. In 2011, I made the decision to leave my job as an accountant in London to pursue this passion further. After an intensive 9 weeks stint in Los Angeles, I completed the Bikram yoga teacher training programme and since then have completed training courses in Power Yoga, Yin Yoga and HIIT Pilates. I spent a few years teaching in the UK before making the move to Australia and I feel privileged to be able to share my passion and knowledge with students as I guide them through their practise.






Born and bred in Canada and then after completing my dance degree, I moved to Australia and created my family here which I now call home! I don’t quite remember my first yoga class – it was often integrated into my dance classes, but then after teaching dance for many years, yoga appeared again and it felt so good! A Power Yoga practice for me brought freedom in my body and mind! I teach Power Yoga, Yin, Hot Pilates, and Barre classes.




Over the past 25 years, my passion for yoga has been a guiding light, helping me not only traverse the many varied and challenging styles of asana practise, but also to navigate the changing tides of life off the mat.  My curiosity for exploring this holistic practise has certainly enhanced my understanding of the postures and expertise in the art of yoga, but most importantly, it has grown my love for the practise. For me, yoga is a moving meditation.  I continue to be in awe of the beauty and simplicity of connecting breath with movement and the way in which it can create a sense of inner calm, focus and self-awareness that flows into life off the mat.  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with my students.  I’d love to see you on the mat!







Carolina is our original Hot Pilates

girl and we're very luck to have her

back at the studio!!!



Practicing yoga for over 10 years and wishing to expand her practice and understanding of yoga, Terri completed her 200HR YTT in 2019 and taught a beautiful gentle yoga class on the beach for over three years.  She is now loving the contrast of the Studio experience!

Terri is also a creator and facilitator of sacred spaces, hosting beautiful cacao ceremonies and sacred circles.  Creating sacred spaces be that in a yoga class or a sacred circle or ceremony, it is her mission to provide safe, supportive spaces & opportunities to experience and connect more deeply with self and to finding our way back to our true authentic selves.

Terri is very much a student of this life with a commitment to 'doing the work' to heal and better understand herself and sharing her discoveries and insights along the way!




I am a passionate, free spirited and devoted Yogi. Yoga found me whilst I was caught up rushing through today’s busy existence. Yoga’s traditional teaching and its healing powers turned my life inside out. Yoga taught me to look within by promoting self-reflection, awareness and self-realization. During my classes, I create a safe environment for students to explore their own Yoga with focus on the breath to awaken to their inner teacher. I encourage and guide students to experience their physical, emotional and spiritual needs to reconnect from within.

In 2014 I graduated from the extensive Qi Yoga Teacher Training. I have now over 1000hrs teaching experience and continue my studies in Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Yoga is a journey into the body, mind and spirit and the experience is the reward. Yoga’s healing power shows us who we are, where we are and how we can make changes to our inner and outer selves.



My yoga practise has been a beautiful journey to improving my relationship with myself. Yoga fills me with joy and guides me to lead from the heart. It is my intention with teaching to nurture, support and challenge you in your practise, one breath at a time.


My first teacher training was with Bikram Choudhury in Mexico 2018. I went on to teach and manage the studio in Brisbane where I practised my first Bikram class. Since moving to the Sunshine Coast I have continued my education. Completing 200Hr YTT with Tammy Williams, 30 HR Restorative yoga, 50 Hr Hatha with Donald Shakes, level one Zen Thai Shiatsu with Gwyn Williams and currently 500hr YTT with Tammy Williams.


The trainings have had a strong focus on connection to subtle body energy, meditation, mindfulness practices, pranayama, asana practise, alignment, therapeutic benefit and philosophy. I am passionate about all aspects of health and well - being and believe when we can harness our breath we can tap into our unlimited potential, transform the way we feel and take back our power to heal ourselves.


Always say yes to Yoga. You will love yourself for it.



My yoga journey began almost 20 years ago, when I practised my first yoga class at the local gym. I continued to practise here and there and felt fabulous! I had found the “yoga high!”


In 2015 I completed my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, and recently have also completed my training in Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga. I enjoy the physical demands of Bikram Yoga, but also value the more relaxing meditative experience of Yin and Restorative Yoga.


With a regular practise, yoga is my anchor and rock in this crazy world. For me yoga is not exercise, but a way of life.






Courtney is dedicated to sharing practices that support students in reducing stress, cultivating a clear mind and living from the heart.  Her classes offer students a space to connect more deeply to themselves and align with their true nature


Samantha Fallon (Sita Gian Kaur) is a certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher through the Kundalini Research Institute and has been a practicing Kundalini yogini for over a decade.


Sam has also completed extensive study in Clinical Nutrition, Western and Eastern Herbal Medicine, Holistic Integrative Nutrition Counselling; Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Trauma Release and is a certified Reiki Master. A Master Product Formulator and having studied Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Samantha is Founder and Creative Director of her own successful company (SHE), a nutraceutical consulting business specialising in the formulation and development of Natural Health Products, health research, regulatory compliance and product commercialisation for companies across the globe.


She is an author and presenter within the Natural Medicine Industry and is passionate about sharing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation technologies as tools for support, healing, relaxation, balance and evolution. Samantha is a registered teacher with Yoga Australia, IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association) and KYTANZ (Kundalini Yoga Teachers Australia and New Zealand).







Wolfie teaches a Warm Hath/Vinyasa style class every Wednesday.  He's been teaching yoga for over 15 years and quite simply is a legend!


I often reflect back on my first class with a smile, with no idea where it would lead me over the years. But one thing is for sure, I am forever grateful for it!

I have  been teaching since 2003. I spent my first few years teaching and  training with Gabrielle Riaz, the "Hot Yoga Doctor".

To each of us, yoga may mean so many  different things. You connect on whatever level you feel, it is your practice, so whatever it is to you...stick with it. Your body will be thankful, your mind will be appreciative and your heart will be grateful.

You don't have to have a reason to do it, nor do you need to know anything to try it. Your teacher will guide you. All you need, is to do your best and be free and open  to the experience.

  The Bikram 26+2 hot series..... Quite simply, it works.


Yoga can literally change your life!


Paula Magrani is an Exercise Physiologist, Yoga and Pilates teacher and a mother of two. She’s from Brazil and relocated to Australia in 2009 to complete her Masters in Exercise Science (UNDA). Paula has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and is very passionate about her work. Paula loves combining her clinical experience with her Yoga and Pilates skills to help and inspire people to move their bodies safely and efficiently.


Katie has been practising yoga alongside her mother since she was a little girl; learning to be still and light on the earth.  Yoga remains her anchor.

She did her formal studies with Santosha Yoga Institute.

Katie was raised learning the art of alternative medicines; healing all ailments using plants, herbs and fungi.  She is a plant-based vegan with a passion for organic farming.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys exploring and connecting with nature.  She particularly loves finding new waterfalls, forest foraging and surfing.



I quite often pinch myself because I would have never in a lifetime believed that I would be living in paradise and working doing the one thing that I am passionate about, group fitness!

I have always been passionate about fitness and in 2017 I completed Certificate 3 in Fitness.  I then went on to compete my first group fitness certificate in Body Pump in 2019.  I couldn’t get enough of learning and the excitement knowing that I was here helping people not only for the physical benefits of training but also the mental benefits as well, so I went on to train in RPM and also obtained Certificate 4 in fitness in 2020.  I believe “if the tree isn’t growing its dying” so in December 2021 I decided to take another leap of faith and train in Inferno Hot Pilates.

A few things I live by:-
- Live everyday as if it were the last;
- No matter what life throws at you, keep smiling;
- Always be positive, the more you throw into the universe, the more you will get back!


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


My yoga and pilates practice has allowed me to heal, connect back into my true self and live a more mindful and balanced life.  I want to share this with every soul who arrives on their mat.  Allowing them the freedom to explore their body, mind and souls in a nurturing space through the movement of yoga and pilates.  My spirited and down to earth nature has the abililty to connect with and hold space for people effortlessly.


After completing my initial studies in Psychological Science, I spent several years running therapeutic and leadership programs for young adults impacted by cancer. Through my own yoga practice, I quickly realised that much of what the Psychology community were ‘discovering’ in their research about human wellbeing, had been well understood by the yoga community for centuries upon centuries. In 2015 I began expanding my toolkit to include qualifications in Yoga teaching (200RYT), meditation therapy, mindfulness, holistic human development, and most recently, Ecotherapy. After a few unexpected detours including a year spent running international yoga festivals, and a trip around Australia, I now spend my days teaching yoga, and running Ecotherapy workshops and holistic nature play for children and parents. I love connecting with like-minded locals and look forward to chatting with you in the studio!






Molly is our Downward Dog studio mascot. She does an amazing
downward and upward dog after every snooze and loves to lie in
reclining butterfly pose for most of the day.

Molly in studio.jpg



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